"They'll sing no songs of the hours we spent here in our homes. No tales of our bravery in the face of repetition. No statues or holidays made in the honor of what we didn't do. There's a great Wild out there challenging us to tame it. Do not let our inaction be our downfall, let it be our motivation!"

-Garelt of Rosestone


Ratcatchers are professional adventurer's. They delve the deepest caverns, traverse the thickest forests, and scale the tallest mountains all in the name of glory and riches. While very few Ratcatchers live long enough to enjoy the wealth that they have accrued or the infamy they have attained, the appeal is enticing enough for many to try. There is rarely a shortage of wealthy nobles looking to pay Ratcatchers to brave the Wilds and secure new lands in their name. 


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