Poe Corwin

wild haired, fast talking Gnome who loves to gamble.


Hair: Red
Height: 3’ 10"
Weight: 35lbs
Eyes: Green

Poe appears to be in his mid 30’s has think and messy red hair which he tried to keep tamed but never seems to get under control. He wears a long brown coat with a shinny red lining, all of his clothing seems well kept and he always makes his best attempt to keep it clean. His lute which he always carries on his back and is never seen playing looks worse for the wear, it appears that at one time it was a beautiful instrument but now is weather beaten and worn, the string look like they haven’t been changed in years. He still keeps it close to him at all time, it’s unsure if it is for sentimental reasons or for something else.


Poe Corwin

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