Kanan Meliamne (Oakenheel)

Brown hair, hazel eyes Wood Elf.


BARD.jpgLanguages: Common, Elvish
Stat Score Mod
STR 16 (3)
DEX 19 (
CON 16 (3)
INT 17 (
WIS 17 (3)
CHA 18 (

Description -——————————

Height: 5’ 5" Weight: 94 lbs. Gender: Male
Eyes: hazel Hair: brown, Skin: copperish
Dominant Hand: Right Quirks: ,
Speech style: Quotable:
Full Description


My great- great- grandfather, Beedle, is a hero whose exploits are still told throughout the region, but never more so than at home. I plan to be like him. Upon leaving to embark on the adventures, I acquired the dagger, lute, and rapier I carry from the great-great-grandfather’s display at home.

Lute – 1st time played noticed it was still in tune. Has a kit to help take care of it.
Rapier – some rust, not rusted through though, just not taken care of.
Dagger – Dragon Scale, maybe red dragon, but can’t tell.

From an Elvish town in forest on other side of mountains from Woodmore,Tejyns Grove. Social town, does trade to get its needs met. Most residents are artisans – natural materials from the surrounding area.

I am a middle child wanting to make a name and gain fame for myself.

Stories I know about my great-great-grandfather:
1) He fought a red dragon and saved the town it was menacing.
2) He and his group saved a distant town from an orc invasion.
3) He and his band defeated a necromancer to save the church he was menacing.
4) One time as he was performing, an enemy approached so he caused his music in the area in order to escape.
5) One of his songs caught the notice of a local noble’s daughter. He spent the next month trying to spurn her attentions, but eventually succombed to her charms and that’s how he met his wife.

Kanan Meliamne (Oakenheel)

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