Dorn Gnarlroot

Eccentric woodland hermit makes a deal with a god.


Dorn is a man who appears to be in his middle 30s. He a long time hermit and his perception of, well, everything is just a little askew of the norm. His face is weathered but his eyes are usually bright with the excitement of new things. His hair is dark brown, shoulder-length and usually looks tussled when he’s not wearing his cap. He has a long, beard and a mustache, both of which are a little bushy.

Dorn wears what’s considered basic peasant wear: Cloth tunic and pants, some decent leather boots, a leather belt, and a patched-together leather vest and cap. He carries with him as gnarled-looking staff top with a stone similiar to Prehnite, a dagger and a crossbow at his hip, as well as a small leather book he keeps close to him.



Dorn Gnarlroot

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